Containerized Towable Genset

Energy Link’s Hammer PowerGen CTG provides efficient operations and greater control and flexibility.

The Energy Link Hammer PowerGen CTG is designed, engineered, and built to deliver reliable industrial power for various applications. Industrial Power Generation solutions will continue to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of companies. As a reliable partner, Energy Link provides our clients with the latest insights and technologies to help them achieve their power generation requirements.

Pipeline Evacuation

Pipeline evacuation involves removing natural gas from a segment of the pipeline for maintenance, expansion, or hydro testing. In the past, this was typically accomplished through flaring or thermal oxidation, which involves burning or releasing the gas into the atmosphere.

A better alternative is to transfer the gas from valve sections that are out of service to active pipeline sections, which prevents the gas from being released during the evacuation process. CTGs are often used to power compressors to evacuate natural gas from pipelines.

CTG Overview
Engine Details
  • Dual fuel-using Natural Gas or LPG
  • EPA emissions-compliant engine for clean and trouble-free commissioning
  • Turbocharged and inter-cooled engine with unit-mounted radiator
  • Debris screens to prevent dirt and debris from entering the genset
Tough and Durable
  • Heavy-duty construction that's designed for use in prime or standby power applications
  • 40'X 96" High Cube ISO Container
Easy to Use
  • Fully featured Waukesha ESM controller that's easy to use and field programmable for custom installations
  • Production tested to ensure easy startup
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