Vapor Recovery

Comply with EPA standards, provide additional profits and eliminate the emissions of stock tank vapors to the atmosphere

The EPA has issued many regulations in recent years regarding the emissions from hydrocarbon production and storage facilities. These regulations, and the fines that accompany them, have led to innovations in the industry. Recovering vapors and selling them provides for a twofer: regulatory compliance and a new profit stream.

The equipment is modular and requires minimum site preparation. Reduced emissions result in immediate regulatory compliance while the sale of natural gas provides a new revenue stream. Most installations recoup their investment in 6 to 12 months. Recaptured natural gas has a higher BTU content than typical pipeline quality gas.

Up to 95% of the hydrocarbon vapors can be captured from oil storage tanks.

Heat can be a factor in pushing methane out of liquids, especially in warm weather areas such as Texas, New Mexico or California.

Energy Link packages are designed from the ground up to minimize operations and maintenance requirements. Each unit can be built to seamlessly be added to your current SCADA system for system monitoring. Packages are available with suction pressures as low as 20” HG to 10psig with Discharge pressures from 220 PSIG and flow volumes to 750 msf/d.

Standard equipment specifications:

  • 24” Oversized inlet scrubber/filter with integrated blow case
  • BOSS SCG rotary screw compressor
  • 12” Oversized oil separator
  • 50 HP motor (up to 100 HP motor available)
  • Lube oil cooler
  • Allen-Bradley PLC control system
  • Allen-Bradley VFD moto control system
  • Maple4 System HMI 5070TH operator interface
  • Quick install electric, suction and discharge lines. Optional condensate line (condensate can be sent down discharge line if required)
  • 220/480v electrical power

Energy Link has multiple partners for the compressors in a VRU. BOSS offers a screw compressor and Ro-Flo offers a rotary vane compressor. We will recommend which compressor is best suited for your VRU design based on the flow and dynamics of your particular application.

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Operational / Maintenance Benefits

  • Unit maintains suction pressure and will auto stop on low pressure and restart on set point
  • Unit will shut down on high discharge and will restart automatically when pressure returns to normal
  • Unit will restart after power failure or other set points have cleared
  • Simple design to minimize maintenance
  • Rotary screw can be repaired in the field with minimum downtime
  • Spin off oil filter with easy fill system

Maple System HMI 5070 TH

The latest generation of HMI models includes a 600-800MHz processor and more memory for data storage and graphics intensive projects.

  • Strong Aluminum Housing
  • 2 Video Ports
  • Ethernet Port
  • USB programming and hoist port
  • SD Card Slots
  • 2 Serial Ports