The Hydrogen Factory™

We don’t make the H2, we make the equipment to move it.

The Energy Link Hydrogen Factory is set to open in early 2025 and is currently in the engineering, planning, and permitting phase.

Although low-carbon hydrogen is not yet widely used for economic reasons, it is expected to play a crucial role in decarbonizing the world's energy supply. This transition will take time, but clean H2 will be an essential energy resource in meeting growing power demands and achieving carbon neutrality by mid-century.

Hydrogen infrastructure is being developed worldwide, and the United States is in the early stages of expanding its existing infrastructure and building new methods of transporting clean/green H2. Since hydrogen is a gas, it will require advanced compression equipment to transfer it from storage to its intended use.

For example, Chevron and the Japanese industrial gas company Iwatani Corp. agreed to build 30 fueling stations across California in a "vertically integrated supply infrastructure ecosystem" that the companies hope will be replicated. This is just one of many applications being developed for clean H2. Energy Link will be at the forefront of using H2 as a clean fuel source - building the equipment to move it.

The Hydrogen Factory will be approximately 34,000 sq. ft. with a throughput of 150-200 compressors annually.

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