Construction Services

The road to success is always under construction.

Energy Link makes that road as smooth as possible with experience and turnkey services.

Energy Link serves several industries with construction teams that have specific skill sets for each industry and project:

  • Food, Wine, Dairy and Beverage Service
    • Process, Sanitary, Stainless Steel and Utility Piping
    • Conveyor Systems
    • Grouting, Equipment Setting
    • Structural Steel Fabrication And Installation
    • Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Boroscope Inspection
    • Pneumatic Controls and Instrumentation
    • Manufacture and Repair Boilers
    • High-Pressure Vessels
      • ASME Code Stamp R and U
    • Aseptic Piping Process
    • Pneumatic Controls and Instrumentation
    • Utility Installation
  • Petrochemical
    • Refining Processes
    • Facility Upgrades and Maintenance.
    • Grouting, Equipment Setting, Piping and Structural Steel
    • Fabrication and Installation
    • Qualified Welders for All Metals
  • Industrial
    • Precision Grouting for Industrial Equipment
    • Rotating Equipment
    • High-Pressure Vessels
    • Grouting, Equipment Setting
    • Piping and Stainless Steel Fabrication and
  • Civil
    • Heavy Structural Concrete Foundations, Containment Pads, Structural Supports, Anchors, Pipe Supports
    • Below Grade Piping Systems
    • Grading and Compaction
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Vibration is EVIL

Proper Grouting is GOOD

Vibration is a highly destructive force in heavy industries. End users are running their production equipment faster and longer between maintenance outages. Small vibration numbers get bigger and before you know it, key equipment is going down. Most of the vibration that can be eliminated comes as a result of an inadequate system for load transfer from equipment to foundation... the grout.

When mechanical quality comes first… Energy Link delivers.

We have the experience and know-how for grouting and setting equipment on a foundation. Many of our peers have the illusion that cementing and grouting are the same operation. They are not. The differences include:

  • Dry pack grout or cementitious techniques are water based and will shrink.
  • Epoxy has minimal shrinkage.
  • Epoxy is oil and chemical resistant.

The grouting has to be done right the first time. High vibrations, unusually high wear part usage, unplanned outages, construction and installation delays are just some of the problems that can occur. The costs can grow exponentially if the problems (high vibration) are found at commissioning and the unit has to be lifted and re-grouted after the plant has been built up around the foundation.

Energy Link has the experience and expertise to grout the equipment correctly. But, can also offer repairing problem foundations with minimal downtime.