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Ray Miller speaks about converting Oilfields to Hydrogen Fields to save jobs in Kern County

At Energy Link, we plan to make Hydrogen affordable by scaling the production of Hydrogen from the ground up and, simultaneously, saving Kern County oilfield jobs by converting them to Hydrogen field jobs. Kern County has been producing energy for well over 100 years, and a hundred years from now, Kern County will still be a considerable provider of Energy for California. The difference will be CLEAN Energy. My vision is for Kern County to remain our great state's most significant energy provider.

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Script for Ray Miller's KGET interview on March 30, 2023.

Shannon: Welcome to the show.

Ray: Glad to be here again; I always enjoy sharing with everyone the future of Energy in Kern County, including those of us who work in the Energy industry. We need to protect and keep our jobs.

Shannon: We are living in a fascinating time, and one of the things that makes life so fascinating right now is the Great Energy Transition. The world is transitioning to CLEAN energy, and Hydrocarbon based energy is under attack worldwide.

Ray: This means California's oil and gas industry is under attack. I believe that Kern County can, could, and should continue to be the major provider of Energy for this great state of California. When we think about Energy Transition, we must realize that the transition process will take time. During this time, we still need to produce oil and gas for many years to come. As a society, we have begun the Energy Transition - away from hydrocarbon-based energy to CLEAN energy, and this is where Hydrogen comes into play.

Shannon: What is it about hydrogen that makes it so desirable?

Ray: Hydrogen is 100% non-toxic. When hydrogen burns, the only side effect or emission is pure water. That's right, PURE WATER and nothing else.

Shannon: Why aren't we already using hydrogen?

Ray: Hydrogen is EXPENSIVE. Compared to traditional fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel, Hydrogen is anywhere from 3 to eight times more expensive BUT.

Shannon: But what - is there something up your sleeve about how to make hydrogen more affordable?

Ray: Shannon, how did you know - you are quite remarkable in your intuitions.

Shannon: My intuition is also telling me that hydrogen is already shaping up to be a big part of the future for all of us.

Ray: I have that same great feeling. At Energy Link, we plan to make hydrogen affordable and, at the same time, save the oilfield jobs in Kern County by converting them to Hydrogen field jobs. My vision is for Kern County to remain the most significant energy provider for our great state. Kern County has been producing energy for well over 100 years, and a hundred years from now, Kern County will still be the major provider of Energy for California. The difference will be CLEAN Energy.

Shannon: As we transition to CLEAN energy, you plan to convert our existing oilfields to Hydrogen Fields. At the same time, you intend to convert oilfield jobs to Hydrogen Field jobs.

Ray: Exactly! This should make the folks in Sacramento happy and envious. It is no secret that our state government is doing everything it can to shut down our oilfields, but at the same time, they do recognize that the Kern County oilfields provide A LOT of jobs. A LOT of well-paying jobs. Nobody wants the jobs to go away.

Shannon: This approach seems logical and should have the support of everyone. But what does a Hydrogen Field look like?

Ray Miller - Hydrogen Man to the rescue of Oilfield jobs in Kern County

Ray: A hydrogen field looks a whole lot like an oilfield. The oilfields that become Hydrogen fields will still need well bores, piping, meters, compressors, pumps, pressure vessels, tanks, and other oilfield-type equipment. A depleted oil reserve already has an infrastructure that can be utilized as a Hydrogen field. Without additional environmental disturbances, we can produce CLEAN energy from an already depleted reserve. We can produce this energy while staying emission-free in the process. Additionally, we can incorporate carbon sequestration to make the Hydrogen Field a carbon-negative operation.

Shannon: What about the people who operate a Hydrogen field?

Ray: Hydrogen Muscle looks a whole lot like Oilfield Muscle. Hydrogen fields need Geologists, Engineers, Mechanics, Welders, Operators, Office Support, Electricians, Technicians, and sometimes even Magicians. The same people that create, operate, and maintain today's oilfields will be needed to develop, operate, and sustain tomorrow's Hydrogen fields.

Shannon: Wow - Saving jobs, utilizing existing infrastructure, and producing CLEAN energy - Energy Link really does pave the path for Energy Transition.

Ray: There are so many great things about the Hydrogen Production from the Ground Up™ technology, and that is why I am so proud that Energy Link is your source for this technology.

We check all the boxes:

  • Saving Kern County jobs
  • Clean, emission-free energy production
  • Reutilize existing infrastructure
  • Hydrogen Production without using Water
  • AND our approach is Super Economical - roughly 20% of the cost of other Hydrogen technologies such as Electrolysis and SMR (Steam Methane Reforming)

Shannon: Ray, the Energy Link plan sounds like a beautiful plan. It seems to be perfect for what Kern County needs, and it truly seems to put Kern County oilfields, or should I say Hydrogen Fields, as the frontrunner in the Great Energy Transition. I am truly excited to learn about all of this.

Ray: Right On! - Thanks, Shannon. Hydrogen Production from the Ground Up™ - it's in our very near future!

Shannon: And Energy Link Brings the Muscle to make it all happen! Ray, we would like to bring you back next month to learn more about converting an oilfield to a Hydrogen Field.

Ray: Thanks, Shannon - you can count on it.