Ray Miller discusses saving jobs and existing oil fields by producing Hydrogen from the ground up.

Ray Miller, The Hydrogen Man, is ready to discuss with oil field managers how we can save Kern County jobs and mature oil fields by producing Hydrogen from the ground up.

Ray Miller Interview, KGET

June 06.21.2022
Q: Last time you were here, you brought up the idea of producing hydrogen in the Kern County oilfields. Can you tell us more about Energy Link and your ideas about producing Hydrogen from the ground up?

A: This is great! My two most favorite things to talk about are Energy Link and Hydrogen production in Kern County. So, Energy Link is well known for providing Muscle to the Kern County oilfields for over 22 years. We have a beautiful facility that sits on 20 acres located near Lake Buena Vista, halfway between Bakersfield and Taft. We also have a satellite facility located in Santa Maria where we provide Muscle to the coastal oilfields.
Our number one asset is the smart, happy, and very productive people who work at Energy Link. Rotating equipment specialists is how we started, and now we have become so much more. We love working on and supplying engines, pumps, compressors, pressure, vessels, coolers, and other oilfield-related equipment. Our Muscle is put to use in the shop and the field.

Q: Now that I know a little more about Energy Link, can you tell us about your plans to save the oilfields and the oilfield jobs?

A: Now we get to the good stuff - Hydrogen production in Kern County. Our local oilfields contain a lot of Hydrogen, which is quickly emerging as the Green and Clean energy of the future. Kern County has mature oil and gas fields. Several of those mature oilfields have become depleted and uneconomical to produce oil. This is where Energy Link wants to save the day. We plan to convert existing depleted oil reserves into new Hydrogen producing fields.

Q: What does a Hydrogen field look like?

A: A hydrogen field looks a whole lot like an oilfield. The oilfields that become Hydrogen fields will still need well bores, piping, meters, compressors, pumps, pressure vessels, tanks, and other oilfield-type equipment. A depleted oil reserve already has an infrastructure that can be utilized as a Hydrogen field. We can produce CLEAN energy from an already depleted reserve without additional environmental disturbances. We can produce this energy while staying emission-free in the process. Additionally, we can incorporate carbon sequestration to make the Hydrogen Field a carbon-negative operation.

Q: What about the people needed to operate a Hydrogen field?

A: Once again, Hydrogen Muscle looks a whole lot like Oilfield Muscle. Hydrogen fields need Geologists, Engineers, Mechanics, Welders, Operators, Office Support, Electricians, Technicians, and sometimes even Magicians. The same people that create, operate, and maintain today’s oilfields will be needed to develop, operate, and sustain tomorrow’s Hydrogen fields.

Q: Wow – Saving jobs and utilizing existing infrastructure – these sound like the foundation of a great approach to saving the Kern County oilfields.

A: There are so many great things about the Hydrogen Production from the Ground UpTM technology and that is why I am so proud that Energy Link is your source for this technology.

We check all the boxes:
• Saving our oilfields and saving jobs
• Clean, emission-free energy production
• Reutilize existing infrastructure
• Hydrogen Production without using Water
• AND our approach is Super Economical – roughly 20% of the cost of other Hydrogen
technologies such as Electrolysis and SMR (Steam Methane Reforming)

Q: With all the wonderful things “Hydrogen Production from the Ground UpTM” has to offer what will it take to get started?

A: It starts in the existing oilfields. If you are an oil and gas producer and you want to convert your existing depleted reserves into Hydrogen fields and create jobs in the process please reach out to me, Ray Miller at Energy Link to get the ball rolling.
Hydrogen Production from the Ground UpTM – it’s in our very near future!

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